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Ewa Milik

dietitian, nutrition educator

Dietitian support and a proper diet play an important role in many diseases such as diabetes, thyroid disease, kidney disease, liver disease, cancer, lipid disorders, hypertension, malnutrition, metabolic disorders, overweight and obesity and many other diet-related diseases. If you want to change your eating habits or need support in your illness, ask a dietitian for help. Nutritional education, a balanced and individually prepared menu will help you to take care of health and better well-being.

Few words about me

I am a graduate of dietetics specializing in nutritional prevention at the Collegium Medicum UMK in Bydgoszcz. I constantly deepen my knowledge by participating in trainings, courses and conferences in the field of diet-related diseases and nutrition of children and adolescents.

Every patient is important and that is why I strive to obtain the highest quality service based on an individual approach and knowledge. I am a member of the Polish Association of Dietitians and the Polish Society of Dietetics, an educator in the Zielona Kraina primary school program.

First visit

The first visit lasts about 1.5 hours. During this visit:

  • we will perform and discuss body composition analysis – the study conducted on the JAWON MEDICAL body composition analyzer, thanks to the BIA method, allows you to measure all the most important components: body weight, fat mass, muscle mass, body water content
  • we will perform and discuss anthropometric measurements – measuring the circumferences of the body: waist, hips, skin and fat folds, BMI, WHR indicators
  • we will conduct a detailed nutritional interview – an interview using a proprietary spreadsheet on health status, lifestyle and physical activity, preferences
  • and eating habits and biochemical tests
  • we will set goals, time and assumptions for your diet program
  • you will receive the first tips and advice that you can use until you receive an individual menu

You can pick up your individual menu in person or receive it by email within 7 days.

Control visit

During these visits:

  • we monitor progress
  • we will do anthropometric measurements and body composition analysis
  • We will answer the patient’s questions
  • we will discuss eating habits and correct mistakes
  • we’ll check the nutrition diary and discuss the problems
  • the patient will receive further nutritional recommendations and support

How to prepare for the first visit?

Body composition analysis is performed using the bioimpedance method. To make the measurement accurate, perform the following steps before testing:

  • give up physical activity a few hours before your visit
  • on the day of measurement do not drink alcohol, coffee and energy drinks
  • do not eat or drink 3 hours before your visit
  • Dress appropriately – clothing should be comfortable with the option of bare feet (feet must be bare during examination)

The test cannot be performed on pregnant women or people with electrical medical implants (e.g. cardiac pacemaker). Don’t worry, if you can’t have bioimpedance analysis of your body composition, we can assess it with other methods that are safe for you.

Take with you on your first visit (if you have one):

  • basic research – morphology, lipidogram (total cholesterol, HDL, LDL, TG), fasting glucose, creatinine, TSH (and in the case of suspected or confirmed thyroid disease also fT3, fT4, anti-TPO)
  • other medical documents: discharge from the hospital, medical recommendations regarding the diet
  • or nutrition, additional tests
  • list of medications you are taking, doses and times of taking
  • complete the nutrition diary, which you can download below


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