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Processing of personal data


In connection with the entry into force of the Regulation of the European Parliament on the Protection of Personal Data (GDPR), I would like to kindly inform you that your data is processed in my Medical Practice Centrum Medyczne “Białe Błota” Gynecological and obstetric office on the principles described in this Regulation (art. 2 letter h GDPR). Medical treatment of doctors is connected with the obligation to keep medical records.

Remember that some aspects of personal data protection in medicine may differ significantly from those in other sectors of the economy

By agreeing to diagnosis or treatment (verbally or in writing), you also agree to the Practice processing your personal data needed to provide this service. No additional consent is required. Due to the fact that (in accordance with the Act on Patient Rights and the Patient Ombudsman) the documentation is stored for a period of 20 years from the last visit, the “right to forget” provided for in the provisions on personal data protection can only be implemented after this period has elapsed.

Each patient has the right to submit an application for access to personal data and medical documentation. He may also, by way of a separate application, authorize (until further notice) another close person to find out about his state of health and to submit requests for access to documentation. The first copy of the documentation is available free of charge. Copies of relevant applications will be handed in the Cabinet on request.

The scope of personal data necessary to provide the service includes: name, surname, gender designation, PESEL, address and – in the case of persons unable to consent – data of the legal guardian.

By being asked to provide a phone number or e-mail address and providing this data, you facilitate contact with us and authorize the Practice to use these means of communication to:

  • find out about the state of health after the procedure,
  • visit reminders,
  • visit cancellation,
  • reminders about periodic examination (if its necessity is justified by the nature of the ailment)
  • and such contact with you is not legally considered as service marketing and the patient’s consent is not required.

Remember, however, that you can request the deletion or correction of this data at any time. The “recipients” of your data may be entities authorized under law (e.g. ZUS, National Health Fund, courts) or persons who you authorize.

If you feel that the Practice’s activities violate the principles of personal data protection, you can contact the Data Administrator in Practice: Administrator – Grzegorz Szymczak grzegorz.szymczak@onet.eu, tel. 609 118 777 or to the Office for Personal Data Protection: Warsaw, ul. Stawki 2, tel. 606 950 000.


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